Daily Awww: Check out your C-U-T-E pets! (42 photos)

Y'all have some cutie pie pets! Thanks for sending these photos our way. Click HERE to submit yours!
theBERRY sisters: Emily & Megan

Click HERE to submit your pet pic!

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  • http://twitter.com/DanaShades @DanaShades

    #32 Max looks pissed😀
    I have cats myself, but after these pics I won't choose sides (you know, the cat vs. dog…). Adorable pics, and I love all the people who love their pets:)

  • Ella

    #22 I LOL'd. Loudly. At work. Oh well it was worth it. Too cute!

  • CoffeeBreak

    #42 You just gotta love basset hounds.:)

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1617688376 Rose Smedile

      Awesome name too:)

  • Itsme

    he's soo cute

  • http://www.facebook.com/kekoehn Kate

    Thanks for posting my pic of my boy, Berry! I thank God everyday for him. 😀

  • Keri

    Awww I love May Jane!!

  • Ali

    Omg I'm in love #38. All of these loves are so so cute, but anything cross eyed will win my heart!:)

  • captainkate

    what kind of dogs are #11 and #40

    • http://twitter.com/SparkytheLlama @SparkytheLlama

      #40 is a Miniature Pinscher (ears not cropped)

  • http://twitter.com/Chelseyyy_L @Chelseyyy_L

    #34 Thanks for posting my little man!

  • marikkita

    #15 I've been in Europe since August and I miss my kitten so much! Only 10 more weeks until I see her! thank you for posting her. I definitely made my day!❤

  • Christine

    #10 My beautiful boy! Miss you!

  • bree1912

    #30 Awww I hope your puppy has a speedy recovery!!

  • aadd

    all the pets are adorable but #11, such a cuttie!!!

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