All heels report to my closet immediately: Boots edition! (29 photos)

Hey Berry Babes!

Thanks to everyone who sent in their own heels for hump day! Want to join in on the fun? Send your sassy shoes or any other great photos you've been itching to share to theBERRYpics[at]gmail[dot]com!

Happy Heel Hump Day!

From theBERRY sisters - Megan & Emily

Click HERE for more heels!

  • ShouldBeWorkin'

    I NEED #16 and a set of those legs would sure help too… #29 is kinda freakin' me out o.0

  • @chelsea_mac1

    I'll take all of the above!!!! Especially #11, #10 and #3….

  • user87

    so wednesdays heel day, i need to let suyri know lol keep forgetting to submit!! excellent post!! keep up the good work!!

  • tara

    this is like my tourcher i love booties

  • ChelseaRules

    Woah, chicken leg!

  • amandiola

    I want everything about #27

  • katie

    Looks like my Christmas list!

  • LGB

    #19 yes, please!

  • LGB

    I meant, #18

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