• Stacyface

    #1 LOL hipsters just have to go away

  • Ella

    This whole post made me LOL, but #24 is the best (because it's so true)

    • http://twitter.com/pezatsea @pezatsea

      It seems like that's what OWS is all about. A bunch of Hipsters complaing about corporate America while they're texting and surfing from their phones and iPads.

      • Trent

        It's not about protesting corporate America, it's about protesting corporate America buying our government.

  • bree1912

    #20 Is true!!

  • Ms BooLahLah

    REALLY hating the overuse of the word hipster. Isn't it just a derogatory term to use against anyone who wears a certain style of clothing/listens to a different type music than you? I've seen people label others as "hipsters" just because they have tattoo's or wear glasses. I have glasses, I NEED glasses! Stop using this term! It's f**king annoying!!!

    • HipsterHater

      Stop using this site then, because you're f**king annoying!

    • katie

      Its possibly to wear glasses and not be a hipster…

  • madamecursorla

    I'm confused by #32 because those are just stuff that people do every day.

    Bake cupcakes?
    Take a shower?
    Tidy up something?

    I don't see what is so "hipster" about that.

  • mskris

    I cringed at #25, I'm completely guilty of that

  • Lucy Schroeder

    #8 Well, I guess in the US it IS ironic to study medieval literature. But hey, I know a great job for him, he should go to hollywood and tell the directors and screenwriters about e.g. the Arthurian legend as they don't seem to know much about it and still make dozens of movies about it.

    • Ghost in the Machine

      How true is that! One can only imagine that certain output is levelled at those who cannot read by those that care not to; how else could it be explained? Are we truly to believe that what has been sufficient for centuries is no longer warranted?

  • Jess

    Can i just make the point that the Ocuppy movement isn't just manned by hipsters? and that before criticizing it you should probably find out what it is. Berry, you're really coming across as not only ignorant, but defiantly so.

    • Ms BooLahLah


    • Hugh Jorgan

      You might be right, actually. But from way up here in my penthouse, they all look alike.

      • AsciiAdam

        You win the post! :)

    • AsciiAdam

      You are correct. It is also manned by arrogant self-riotous, do nothing kids who are rebelling against their Wall Street parents. Oh, and also by people who are getting paid to be there. Oh, and also by college kids who think it is cool to rebel against anything mainstream. Oh, and a bunch of ivy league students who think they are in France in the 1700’s to start a revolution to help the poor. Little do they know that most poor in our country have a car, a TV and an X-box.

      Oh, and they should up the voting age to 21 so Fing kids can't vote the dumbass that we have in office now back into office. College is shit, it is a piece of paper that gets you a job. Trust me I know, you think you are smart and know a bunch of stuff when you graduate. You know nothing. Get a job, work hard, get ahead. American dream right there.

  • Brenda

    #21 is from Flight of the Conchords! (the quote not the picture) I love them!

  • Obama

    #1 quick fill it up!

  • Hazel

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