• bree1912


    • misschris

      I know right, me too! 😀

  • katie

    Yay for dogs!

  • Mee

    #36 irish wolfhound and cute boy? I'm sold.

  • Susan

    all cute but #2 is stunning

  • Angelina

    #34– that dog looks exactly like mine. Twins separated at birth?

  • circleofcreation

    They are all so cute, but #19 totally reminds me of what my retriever did the first time I brought home my westie puppy. If I didn't know any better, I could have sworn those were my boys.

  • aciekay

    #15 #20 i need these to report to me ASAP. please and thank you. actually… the entire album will do.

  • Julia

    My mom (who doesnt know about the Berry): "why do they keep throwing in these random handsome men in all the pictures?!" (sounding confused, yet pleased by the idea)
    Me: "because it's the Berry…"

  • Kat

    #12 Yum😉

  • Danielle

    omg, all these men and their dogs!!

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