• Steverino

    Can Photoshop fix morning breath ?

  • Da Sandman

    #23 the horror

  • Johnny_Doyle

    #4 is TV you can't photoshop TV, all they did was change the aspect ratio and make her wider or slimmer

  • nicetry

    photoshop has either been around since 88 or 90, depending on what you consider being around. 89 is not an option.

  • Danielle

    #25 … besides the bruises, I think she looks better in the "before"

  • Donnie

    Photo shop or not, Kim K will ALWAYS be UGLY! #28

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  • Molly

    Not all photo shopping is bad….the majority of the time, people are fixing lighting (idc what anyone says, no one looks the same in person as they do in a photograph) or minor errors, like a hair out of place, a scar or blemishes. I will agree it's wrong to fix bone structure, height or weight, but most of the time, the things changed are only because it's more of a hassle to redo the entire shoot and catch every little thing. Agencies do not shop their photos to make women believe they need to be something they're not. It's for the convenience of the photographer, model and advertising.

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