• misstx

    #39 yummy.

  • http://twitter.com/InChiaroscuro @InChiaroscuro

    #33 Hahahaha

  • misschris

    #6 What a cute ring!

  • CJGilles

    #39 I could do laundry on that… Ab-a-lishious!

  • Lola

    #22 i wanna go there!

    • mali_sapun

      sorrento vallone dei mulini

  • http://www.facebook.com/JamielynnAragonez Jamie Lynn Aragonez

    I think the Berry needs to make a post dedicated to #16❤

  • Zelda

    #34 Lovin the Marilyn!

  • RatedR401

    #1 I want to go to there

  • bree1912

    #29 Made me laugh!!!

  • Winnie

    I swear I look through the morning coffee and afternoon posts and I see something to write a witty comment too, and it all goes down the drain when I see the last post like #39.

    • farklesparkle


  • Star

    #38 berry find how to do this!!!

  • Donnie

    #38 how pretty.

  • Kyra

    #26 Omg want

  • eSSeBi

    Where is #36?

    • Ghost in the Machine

      Palais Garnier in Paris, France.

  • Charlotte

    #21 is Dennis Storm. He's a Dutch presenter (and really funny) for anyone that's interested!

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