• Jenny

    #21 in HQ thanks!😀 It's so lovely^^

  • Dameson

    Stop neing a little bitch and tell you how you feel

    • Beena

      Dude take it down a notch, no need to be so intence there.

      • good advice

        give him a blowjob

  • Alex

    #25 yay:) love you sweetheart

  • JessiJ

    #47 and #54 the term swag has become known as something it is not…these people mean swagger. SAWG is FREE STUFF. Wise up people!

    • 1madhatter

      you are 100% correct. swag = free stuff. and we all love free stuff!

  • montez

    #58 Tell him and snatch him up before someone else does. He's a cuttie:)

    • http://www.facebook.com/ tara

      If your best friends you should ask him to hang out be yourself and tell him. If you don't you'll always wounder what if, so don't let that happen do what you got to do to get some courage, (this does not include getting drunk) and get it over with.

      • Stomira

        I agree, I told my best friend of 14 years how I felt for him, and it helped our friendship get closer, we are now best buds of 21 years and he FINALLY said he wished he told me his feelings years ago. Even though we didn't get together, we don't have to hold back thoughts and ideas like we did when we held back our hearts.

        But if he had told me his feelings years ago, we would be together today, no doubt.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=565607570 Piper Eliszewski

    How is this done?

    • Lola

      by a professional.😦

  • Jade

    #11 – Here's a video of Guillaurne Nery diving at Dean's Blue Hole. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xdjtte_guillaume

  • dfgdf

    #28, i want that whole plate for lunch today, lol, i wish

  • meh

    #58 I thought you were going to show him this post..
    just link him to this page

  • Winnie

    #58 Tell him!
    #47 An Asian told once told me that it basically means Something We Asians Got. Lol

  • maxpain66

    #39 He's a keeper,,you take good care of him and long happy life together you will have:)

  • Katie

    #58 casually give him this URL and tell him to look at it,:)

    • http://www.booksie.com/bouncearound BounceAround

      I agree with Katie, you should definitely link him to the photo.

  • Jo

    Hmmm #2… sexy and talented Leo !

  • http://www.booksie.com/bouncearound BounceAround

    Remember back when we were all younger and smelly stickers were the thing to have? We'd all scratch our stickers and take int he lovely scent. Just like those of #14.

  • headless


    • http://www.facebook.com/doctorhoot Charisse Bordeaux

      JennaMarbles on youtube

      • headless

        thank you for letting me know

    • Renaejade

      fucking hilarious crazy woman❤ jennamarbles

  • DontBlink

    #58 Tell him how you feel. That way in a few months we wont be seeing the same picture with a "post secret" written on it of how you missed your opportunity and wish you would have said something.

  • mderynn

    Link #58 to the original post, then tell him to go look at #32.:)

    Either way, good luck.❤

  • Sora

    #21 YES!! Matthew Gray Gubler.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jen.rodasky Jenny Rodasky

    You WILL regret not saying anything. #32 I said something to my best friend and he admitted that he loved me too. This whole LDR blows, but it is the greatest thing in my life. Easily. Tell him how you feel.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jen.rodasky Jenny Rodasky

      Epic FAIL. #58.

  • Rabidcake

    #21 makes me melt a little inside. squee

  • UaChicken

    #58 Grow a pair.

  • pollyanna

    #34 LOVE HER!!!

  • Tara

    #58 Tell him!!! He may feel the same way!

    • Baxpin

      Make him a sammich. Keep the house clean. Do the laundry. And don't talk too much.

  • sarah

    Who is this girl!??!


    This is the best Sunday Brunch EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

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