• kaitmarie24

    Gosh, why don't men like these live by me? -drools-

  • Janeway

    #1 I instantly fell in love with you oO

  • alleygaga

    #18 i am so moist right now O_O HOT DAMN

  • rocklesson86

    I love tattoo man. I want one of my own.


    #26… what a piece of art work, please berry find him!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=502560669 Natalie Ann

    #27 I think someone likes the misfits.
    we should chill and listen to music sometime; i can show you my tattoos.
    ; )

  • vanillabean

    #18 and #28 YES YES YES

  • http://www.fisz.co.uk Polski tlumacz w UK


  • Belle ;)

    Oh God…. I am so in love with all of them….
    Thankyou TheBerry!!!!!
    My Heart is going at a million miles an hour
    I'll take two of each…

  • Bee

    #5,#7,#8,#9,#16 Mateus Verdehlo Mmmmm…. When I clicked on this I thought "They better have Mateus Verdehlo. You cannot have a hot men tattoos post without Mateus Verdehlo." Mmm Mmm Mmm, tasty…

  • mary

    as a rule, tattoos make any guy like 10X hotter which makes this bunch of photos JACKPOT!!

  • Stefanie

    #1 went to my high school!

  • melissa lane

    oooooooh hotness

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