BERRY hot men: You choose today’s Afternoon Eye Candy (10 photos)


Hey ladies! Guess what? You get to choose who will be featured in today's Afternoon Eye Candy. Comment below to cast your vote. Simply put the number sign and number for your hottie (ie. #3). Have fun!
theBERRY crew: Emily, Megan and Alex

Click HERE for the last winner of You Choose!

  • @angel_elle

    #9 Brady Quinn!!

    Please do an Eric Decker post…or at least make him an option, he is more than worthy!!!

  • Angelica


  • buckley517

    #11!!! Dayne is equally as hot as Brady-GO IRISH!!!

  • Liselot Gans

    #5 and #8 please!

  • Aisling


  • SaraIsPrincess1

    #7 please…I'm sure I'll get outvoted…as always :/

  • randijane

    Where is Eric Decker!!! Please please please please pretty please? :)


    #7-super hot
    #8-i need u in my life

    i'm torn….

  • 1kissbee

    #3 YUM!

  • Becca


  • Dana


  • Caroline


  • Ava


  • LISA


  • Ellington3

    may i ask why they are mostly all football players?
    i LOATH that game.
    next time show guys from other sports too!

    • Ellington3

      Hey just because I do not care for football is no reason to rag on my comment.
      there are other fine looking men in other sports too.

  • brigid

    #6 go browns!!

  • Dana Carbo


  • Afternoon eye candy: Brady Quinn (26 photos) : Reposted

    […] Y’all chose today’s feature for Afternoon Eye Candy! Thanks for voting. Enjoy some Brady Quinn action! […]

  • rocklesson86

    Next one should be Tom Brady.

  • D.J.

    #3 And yes boys cast votes as well.

  • Balorati

    #6 Wow, where's the love for this mountain of a man! Woof!

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