• 1st!!


  • http://www.facebook.com/Triathlynne Lynne McNaught Sandilands

    Every single one of these pictures says: Hot chocolate, christmas movies and snugging:)

  • Mee

    They all look amazing but I'll take #6 !! … including the dog:)

  • Brenda

    Wood, exposed brick/stone, fire place, and huge windows!!! this is heaven indeed

  • Christine

    i dont much care for modernist architecture, it seems cold. oddly, even with all the snow in some of these pictures, these homes look so warm and inviting. i can imagine people living in them instead of just using them to display an art collection…

  • 7bmandy

    Does anyone know where 21 was taken???

  • Paolita

    i know exactly why im getnitg the silent treatment.. apparently the fact i dont want sex with a bloke who forgets to shower and brush his teeth is an issue i need to sort by seeing a doctor.hes nice enough most of the time but if he goes longer than a week without sex, i wake up to silence.its even worse now ive moved from England and my family to Scotland with him 5 months ive been here and ive lost count of the silent treatments ive received. how do i tell my family ive made a mistake and want to go home :'(guess i will just start saving for my escape fund and see what happens. Glad im not alone, this time i wont be trying to be his pal i can beat him at his own game if i focus enough on not trying to be forgiven for being too tired to service his needs.

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