• nerdchaser

    When I see happy couples….I become so sad😦

    • laurennsfw

      just had my heartbroken… makes me sad too. ;(

      • val

        Hmm well my bestie is currently in a great relationship … for me its a reminder that there is someone out there even if it takes awhile to find him

        • nerdchaser

          I am always worried that I will be one of those people that just wont find " the one". Everybody says that everybody finds there soulmate….but there are a few who just haven't.😦

  • ThatGirlHere

    #34 did anyone else notice this guy's shirt? haha

  • Tiffanie

    #29-great movie.

    • Art


  • http://www.completeacnecure.com/ Cristian Balau

    Thanks, I really needed some inspiration as my 3 year anniversary with girlfriend is coming up soon. This stuff should definitely help in getting me fresh ideas because I kinnda lack a natural romantic part.

  • imma star


    tell me this isn't hilarious (the kissing.)
    love, eh?

  • Ruby

    #22 is me and my boyfriend!!😀
    I love these posts❤

    • rider girl

      are you from jersey? i think you go to my school lol.

  • Lesley

    Number 7 is my husband and me. This was on our honeymoon in Destin. He is the most amazing man I have ever met, I fall in love with him all over again every single day!

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