• soda pop

    To bad girls have to age past 23…..

  • SpacemanSpiff

    Go Britney…it's your b-day…please just go away

  • Ella

    I'm so happy after her struggles she was able to bounce back and be on top again! Go Britney!

  • bubblerider86

    Girl is still awesome….Happy Birthday Brit Brit….We love you!:)

  • Winnie

    I feel old.

  • val

    I think her costume designer hates her.

  • Will

    No Madonna kiss? I think that tops her memorable "on stage" moments.

  • Stacie

    I'm so glad she never was scary skinny, she had an amazing figure! Still does after 2 kids!

  • 80's Baby

    #8 … Baby got back

  • VanIsleChiver

    Maybe Taylor Swift can survive and succeed without going the same route most of these girls seem to take

  • ujk

    Pretty with a FINE ASS. happy birthday

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