• Chubby

    #1 Just ask him.

    • ROb

      Yes, he IS your brother. If you can't ask a family member, who can you ask???

      • Chan

        Some people don't consider that perhaps people have other obligations they previously agreed to. I understand weddings are kinda a big deal but sometimes people, even your loved ones just can't make it. You should never, even for you wedding expect that anyone should revolve their life around YOUR plans. Now if you know for a fact that they just said no and then sat around the house doing nothing, I guess you could ask why.

  • Johang

    #8 I'm a plasma processor. I feel sorry for the guy, but this totally creeps me out. When I go to work today, I won't be able to look anyone in the eye.

    • Bizyy

      I'm sure he doesn't mean it to be creepy. He's married so he gets NO action! lol I feel his pain! bahaha

      • mskris

        I don't think it's something to laugh about

  • KYLE

    I realize I don't know proper wedding etiquette but why would you send an official invitation to your brother anyway? Wouldn't you just call him and say, Hey I'm getting married on 'X' date… can you come?

    This brother/sister or two brothers probably aren't very close to begin with since there's now been three missed opportunities to talk to one another, once to invite, the other to decline and now wanting to know the reason for the decline. Not to mention all the potential opportunities for second hand information being passed along through parents, grandparents, other siblings etc

    • FingerPudding

      Hey Kyle… ANALyze much? LOL

  • Leah

    Love #10

    • Michaela

      I'm a Starbucks barista too, and I totally agree! At the same time though, my regulars are some of the coolest people I've ever met. It makes them ridiculously happy when I start remembering their name and/or drink. It makes me happy when they remember mine. It's just a matter of finding the right people.

    • JOHN

      Not that you'll read this but do you people really romanticize the 6.7 billion people in the rest of the world that much. Being American has shit to do with this. People are selfish, and good for them

  • tomato

    #5 are they at a cemetery?😦

  • http://theberry.com/ walkingtheriver

    #7 #12 It really saddens me how Facebook has taken over our daily lives

    • DoWopper

      Isn't that the truth!?

  • deliberator

    #10 been there. but you should know people are shitty everywhere about different things. just be glad they are shitty about coffee and not about taking off your head. just so. but i have had my fill of "i NEED a tall skinny, mochochino with whip cream and 148 degrees. oh and i NEED the shots to be ristretto."

  • Seeyam

    #5 Looks like Baba BOOEY sitting at the front left of the table

  • Fallguy

    #10 YOU grow up… you took a job serving that coffee to Americans. Now stop whining about it. CHUMP

    • Trent

      I hear you. Luis C.K. had the best line when it comes to people complaining about these jobs. Went something like "yeah, we know the job sucks…that's why we gave it to you".

    • JOHN

      Word up. Be greatful you are at least somewhat employable

    • Chan

      I too am a barista. I don't mind that people have special requests. I have my own. It's the way people act about it. How they expect to instantly have their drink. I will have a line of drinks and someone who just ordered will stand at the pick up area, watching me make a drink and say "I said I didn't want whipped cream" or something similar to which I have to reply "This is someone elses drink. People today, not just Americans think that they world revolves around them and that they are entitled to everything. It's not just about coffee, you know you get pissed when someone parks like an asshole, cuts your off, doesn't let you over, cuts in line or does any one of the numerous things that are just flat out rude. People used to be polite and courteous now they're just dicks. Plus, doesn't everyone know that you should be nice to people who are serving you food and drink? I may not be able to spit in your drink, nor would I. That's nasty, but I can and WILL give you decaf if I see fit. MWAHAHAHAHAHA Barista revenge!

  • Rachael

    Dear #10 I expect my coffe @ 120 degrees and I wish I wasn't looked at crazy for being so specific about the temperature.

    • Chan

      So you like your coffee to be luke warm? I assume you mean some sort of espresso drink and NOT regular coffee.

  • DMD

    #10 Well, I wouldn't mind if Starbucks & all the other coffee shops would just disappear. But that's not going to happen, just like how people aren't going to stop being self-centered.

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