Afternoon eye candy: Donald Glover (35 photos)

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  • Valerie Robles

    I'd choose Marques Houston over this guy any day. *shrugs*

  • jess

    i could use some childish eye candy any day !

    everyone: go buy CAMP! it’s out now, and he DOES NOT disappoint!

  • bubblerider86

    #7 #15 rockin BFM! Oh, and he is pretty adorable…

  • Ugly Donald Glover

    Here's what he has going for him…

    1. He's a no-talent ass clown.
    2. He's on a shitty tv show.
    3. He's ugly.

    Good choice Berry! ( Heavy sarcasm)

    Get your shit together!!!


      tell me why you mad…

    • michelle

      what's with all the hate??
      What Donald Glover ACTUALLY has going for him..
      1. His stand up is hysterical.
      2. Childish gambino is awesome.
      3. He's most definitely NOT ugly, put your glasses back on please.

      good choice berry! (Zero sarcasm)

    • Valerie Robles

      I agree that he is not that good looking…Put ur glasses on people!! There are waaaaaaaaay hotter guys than him!

      • Fuego

        You're not that good looking.

    • Cas

      You mad bro?

  • Jules

    He completely, 100% does it for me. Not conventionally cute but not conventionally talented either. He can write, act and rap. He is the total package.

  • rocklesson86

    Donald is one of the two black guys I would date. Not really into black guys, but I would date Donald.

    • EllenD

      Him & Pharrell. All day & all night. MMMMMHHHHHHMMMMM

      • ntuttle42

        I could not agree more.

  • VampJenn

    He's hilarious! good choice on the funny guy berry!

  • Anon

    Thank you for this. Donald Glover is a genuinely talented, hilarious, and adorable guy!

  • EllenD

    Man I so would

  • Brenda

    This made my day. He is exactly my kind of guy!

  • rikki

    We'd be married if we were in the same vicinity

  • Kyra

    Oh I definitely approve of this.

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