• Big James

    A lot of these are really amazing photos. Great ideas most out of the normal persons budget.


    • Rising

      The School Disco club trend is all over the place in the UK. It’s not restricted to one club and they’ve been doing them for about 10 years.Straight club with lots of women dsseerd up like that and few men. Goldmine.

  • Kali

    this is always my favorite post:)

  • Krisi

    Hello! Who designed the dress in photo #33 (the lace with front bow wedding dress)? Thanks so much!

    • pedro

      if you truly believe what you’ve typed, i’ll be the first to reortt that you’re a stooge. this isn’t a reflection of how he TREATS people, much less children, they’re only renderings. a gruesome theme, yeah, but an artistic medium so lighten up because you’re coming off simple and self-righteous

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    I got a nice wedding idea through this post. I really appreciate your eye catchy images. Thanks for this huge sharing.

  • Bill

    These photos of Emj and Mat are just amnziag! You guys are a credit to your art!! xo Thankyou soooo much i am really looking forward to seeing some more.

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