BERRY hot men: Wearing hats (33 photos)


Click HERE for shirtless hottness!

  • Mallory

    the backwards cap….my kryptonite.

  • @DanaShades

    Jim, somehow you stole my heart. Ironically it was because of the movie called Heartless. Also, you singing. I'm melting.

  • becca

    31 please !

  • Helgikum

    #2 #17
    hey, Hello :)

  • me2

    Sorry, but I don't find #9 (Jeter) attractive in any way.

  • Tyler G.


    I'm Aboriginal, good looking and very jeally of this guys head dress! :O
    I want it.

  • Sarah

    #11 Gavin Degraw!!!!! <3 LOVE HIM! So, Berry….when u gonna do a Gavin Degraw eye candy post? huh????

    • rocklesson86

      Hell yeah to that. We need a Gavin post. Yummy man.

  • amanda

    #5 & #29.

  • Jenn


  • He's Hotttt

    #20 Hottttttttttttttttttttttttt

    • trumpetpants

      Superrrrrrrrrrrr Hottttttttttttttttt

  • laurennsfw

    i'll take #4 and #30, please. i wanna play cowboys and indians. ;)

  • @BridgeBarn

    #9 really Yuck to A-Rod. But #24 #28 #33 call me ;)

    • @BridgeBarn

      woooops the Jeter. He's gross regardless.

  • SaraIsPrincess1

    #3 #16 #29 #32..hellz yeah!

  • Nic

    I need to find #24 ans #28 <3

  • rocklesson86

    I am a hat junkie. I love guys who wear them and I love wearing them too.

  • aciekay

    #23 d'awwwww!!

  • Ceige

    #1 is adorable!

  • trumpetpants

    #27 That hat does NOT FIT. DORK

  • Amanda

    #1 #12 #13 #17 #22 Yes please.

  • tattooed chivette

    #21 #22 #31 yes please!

  • Anonymous

    #31 – SOOOOOO CUTE!!!


    #31 – SOOOO CUTE!!!


    #3, #5 and #29 o m g!!!!!! Damn they are FINE!

  • Allison

    #12 Johnny Has my heart. I♥him!!

  • mandyfan

    Usually when I think of hot men in hats, I think of ONLY fedoras, like #27. But it looks like #3, #16, #32 are getting me to change my mind. I'm not sure…perhaps they can come over and convince me?

  • Christie

    #20 you are sooo good looking, MOAR

  • Ileana Eggleston

    I think of ONLY fedoras, like #27. But it looks like #3, #16, #32 are getting me to change my mind. I'm not sure…perhaps they can come over and convince me?

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