• Suri

    It sounds like shit, so it's probably Britney.

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  • KNdelo92

    That is not NOT Britney!!! She has way more of a sultry voice than that imposter.

  • Chelsea

    This is sooooo off key I can't take it. I hope it isn't brit brit😦

  • http://www.booksie.com/bouncearound BounceAround

    This is so out of tune. I'd like to hear the real song. Or the real artist. This is some real shit though.

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  • kristina

    This is not Britney, It is a girl that does impersonations of Britney and Shakira

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  • Kate

    its someone who has cut the words of britney out of her songs and put them together to sound like shes singing edge of glory.

  • Nell


  • Josie

    This is a girl from Youtube, someone stole her audio of her impersonating Britney and posted it like it was Britney. You are all morons.

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  • Lena

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