• James

    #8 & #9 is the biggest shame. stunning beforehand, silly girl

    • PeteJ_Norn_Iron

      she was beautiful before she carved herself up you wonder what's going through some peoples head.

    • pete

      true, sad but true

    • Hafiz

      Have you ever woredned who posts some of this stuff that you come across? The internet never used to be like that, although it seems to be changing for the better. Do you agree?

  • Wuteva

    oh come on, most of these did nothing😛

    • katie

      I know, right? WTH???

    • Jules-CO

      Yeah, mostly just photoshopped to have clearer skin and perfect makeup…

  • Susan

    Thing is they were all quite attractive before they went plastic. Even Lepore.

  • Suck


  • http://twitter.com/DanaShades @DanaShades

    Yeah, okay, I get it, wrinkles. No cool.
    But, tell me again, why you needed to fill your bewbies with the 'pornstar'-size? Geez, gurls, look at yourselves.

    • Peri

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    • Raquel

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  • Jade

    #11 I'm not a fan of Megan Fox, but it just looks like she's wearing more make-up in the "after" photo.

    • lake

      nose job maybe??

    • Amanda

      She did get her nose done, but that was before any real fame. All of the other rumors are nonsense.

    • dora glasberg

      She just had some lumps removed. No big whoop. And really good work.

  • Winnie

    #10 The 2008 pic looks like all of the work she had done is malfunctioning.

  • Katie

    I don't think Angelina actually had anything done…her lips have always been that big.

    • jackiejoe

      i think the picture is referring to a nose job?

    • Jules-CO

      And bewbs….Looks like they don't get along anymore:)

    • dfgdf

      she's jus getting old and she's too skinny, if she gained a little weight she'd look better

      • Amelia K.

        That's so true. She only looks too skinny now. If she had a little more weight on her like she did for Tomb Raider she would look a whole lot better.

  • GingerLounge

    #2 always makes me kinda sad – she was always so pretty – I have no idea why she did that to herself.

    • Pancake Shake

      #2 Who is this???

      • Cara

        I forget her name, but she was on the show Las Vegas, and before that on a show simliar to Married with Children. She looked great then….now, not so much.

      • Guest

        Her name is Nikki Cox. First really got noticed on a show called Unhappily Ever After as a sexy smart girl (that's the show that was like Married with Children, with the dad talking to a bunny puppet voiced by Bobcat Goldthwait, who she dated at the time). She was on Las Vegas as Mary, and I think is currently hooked up with Jay Mohr.

    • MAIA

      I second that. It took me a moment to figure out who she was

    • Jay Ell

      She used to be very pretty, but you could kinda see how she wouldn't age well–sometimes, and from some angles, she wasn't quite so good looking (which is one reason why they put her in ultra-tight shirts & sweaters on her show), but the surgeries enhanced that goblin lurking inside, and now she just looks like someone who lives under bridges and eats small children.

  • bobsmith77

    #7 I think Demi looks fine in the AFTER photo

    • mouchette

      Bad comparison, should be a pic from the 80's.

  • Underbaker

    #4 #6 and #10 looks like they came right out of a horror movie.

  • NoKissVjayjay

    #1 & #13 The after photos…their top lips…look like they belong elsewhere…ok, I'm gonna say it…their top lips look like vagina lips or even a dogs anus! Don't hate on me, just think about it? lol

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see anything wrong with the pic of Demi Moore, if anything I think she looks even better with age.

  • Amelia K.

    Sorry, Angelina has always had those lips. If you look at pics of her daughter Shiloh, it is OBVIOUS that hers are from genetics, not a plastic surgeon.

  • Axy

    I think Angelina Jolie has had a nose job, chin reduction, lower lip reduction, and upper lip augmentation. In her very young photos her lips look very different and disproportioned. Just my opinion.

    • Obfuscated

      I totally agree about the nose job. I've heard the others bandied about, but I can never make up my mind if I'm seeing surgery, makeup, or photoshop.

    • dora glasberg

      Not one thing done. Next.

  • http://www.theironyou.com Mary

    Scary stuff

  • http://www.facebook.com/evelyn.ponce Evelyn Ponce Quintero

    #10 kill it!!

  • The Love Sponge

    It's best to get plastic surgery when you've been disfigured from an accident or war.

  • McAwesome


    Did anyone else laugh at her during the Hills episode where her mom tells her she doesn't like what she did and she cries and it looks terrifying? Or was that just me?

  • christinenataliewhite

    Uh, to me half of these women look better in their "after" shots. And I don't think Angelina Jolie has ever had plastic surgery. A lot of the magic looks like it's taking place in photoshop. All beautiful women! We all make mistakes in our pursuit of beauty, am I right? I pulled half of my eyelashes out on my left eye yesterday when my hand slipped while curling my lashes:)

  • http://twitter.com/Glenda_JB @Glenda_JB

    Hollywood must be the scariest place to be. Just look at some of these, it's like a circus show. I couldn't look at these people face to face without having a shocked look on my face if I ever met any of the drastic faces. Others had slight changes and I can see it, but others like Carrot Top and the Cat lady, they just went way too far.

  • teachmehow

    People always pic on the Jacksons as if they are exceptions in Hollywood. They are the rule. As for Angelina Jolie, her knows has obviously changed. Not on this list are Halle Berry and many other "natural beauties". 7 and 11 are good transformations.

  • Heavenly

    You have to be kidding ! Heidi Montag looks amazing after the plastic surgery. They took a 5 you see a million of at the mall everyday and made her a 10. Most of the others besides Megan Fox and Demi look worse, but c'mon, Heidi looks like perfection.

    • josephine

      Umm…NO. Perfection not. She wasn't a "stunner" before and is not a stunner now. But the woman had great natural beauty before and her personality really shone through before. Now she looks distorted, unnatural. Nothing perfect about that. She was very cute before… shame.

    • Brunette

      Heidi looks much older and miserable after all those plastic surgeries..She used to look natural and innocent now just a porn star, and with 5 to 10 years added to her face.

  • Shara

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    #10 she was fucked up from the beginning!!!! Damn!

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