Taylor Swift is Billboard’s Woman of the Year (11 photos)

Check out Billboard interview highlights below.

Given the Woman of the Year honor, what women do you consider to be your role models, and why?
I have a lot of role models. Faith Hill is a big role model. Reese Witherspoon is a role model of mine-she’s not in music, but I love everything she stands for. Shawn Colvin is a huge model for me. Her writing has been consistently great and thoughtful and wistful and beautiful. And also-[he’s] not a girl-but Kris Kristofferson has been a big role model for me. When I look at people who I feel have really lived their lives and recorded their lives in music so beautifully, those are my role models. They’ve all taught me lessons just by example.

Are there any pieces in particular you’ve invested in for winter?
I’ve gotten a lot of Rugby and Ralph Lauren stuff because I think it looks very winter-y and Christmas-y, so that’s been stuff I really liked getting.

What’s your go-to New Year’s Eve outfit, hair and makeup?
It would probably be some sort of sparkly dress and straight hair and maybe a bold smoky eye and a nude lip.

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  • Amanda

    Seriously? I think Taylor is the sweetest girl, but Woman Of The Year? She's a pop/country singer with a tween fan base. Not to mention I can't remember the last time she released something popular (I could be wrong, isn't really my type of music). Just a bummer that other artists aren't being recognized because they lack endorsement.

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