• Emma

    #9 Bahaha… ewwww, no!

    • tomato

      awww… I love Bill Nye the Science Guy!! I learned a lot of interesting/useful info watching that show as a kid.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002179999609 Nathália Machado

    Love when you put some JGL here… #2

  • mandie

    Your missing Dr. Who…….

    • Brie

      I know, right?

    • MsAnonymous


  • Nelly

    Where's Doctor Who? You quoted him, after all!

    • Sabrina

      That's what I was thinking!! You gotta have The Doctor in there!

  • Tara

    #21 is a gay fish.

    • Kanye Kant Dress

      Agreed. He also can't dress for crap. He bustin' out these clothes. Diet or buy a size UP Mr. Fish.

  • bri

    oh Darren…so so sexy! more please!

  • Candice

    Darren Criss and James McAvoy…yes please! haha

  • Allison

    #16 Yummy Love Robert Downey Jr.

  • penEpincher

    No Tim Lincecum?????????

  • Heather

    #21 is a bag full of DOUCHE!!!

    • IsaidSwiffff

      And a side of Doooosh fries. Look, he roaming the streets still looking for Taylor Swiffffff

  • mandyfan


  • aciekay

    #11 is cute, cute. hooray for well dressed men!

    • BrianMeeks

      Cute? No………. he is dooosh fodder. So full of himself. Looking for attention. Holla

  • Randa

    Thanks for all the photos, but I only need #1.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/meredithsarahlong Meredith Long

    Eh hem….. Where is my Doctor!!!!!
    Anyway still a good post.

  • Lynn

    NO MATT SMITH! OY! Berry, ya really let me down today…

  • Amanda

    #2 #3 #8 #17 all hot as hell
    and #27 is adorable!

  • http://www.facebook.com/SmiilEBaBeE Yvette

    #24 #2 #3
    So cute ;D

  • Anonymous

    no matt smith?

  • Brady-Amanda

    #11 –Tailgating in The Grove at Ole Miss! Ole Miss guys sure know how to dress!😉❤

    • brianmeeks

      Yeah, and they know how to dress for attention. (so they can get girls into bed later). or in this case.. probably a guy.

  • chivette16

    who is #24?

  • He's Conceited

    #11 So SMUG and full of himself… he reeks of conceit. LOL


    #21 Kanye needs a stylist. If he had one for this shot, then the stylist should be fired. Really? Those tan shoes with the rest of this getup? Oh… and please either buy a pair of pants with a bigger waistband or get a belt to cover up that button that's about to POP OFF Sir.

  • rocklesson86

    I like guys who can rock a bow tie.

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