What’s my favorite color? All of ’em (35 photos)


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  • Susan

    #20 tres cool

  • http://www.facebook.com/SmiilEBaBeE Yvette

    Those are really nice

  • Brenda

    Yes for #30 those bring me waaay back. I have no Idea what #31 is but looks yummy. Love #35 always got one on my ankle

  • Jay Ell

    #1 and #21 are brilliant (though the lens flare is overdone in the first), and #24 should be titled "how to do it" while #27 should be titled "overdone and ruined"

  • Stacyface

    I like #6 a LOT!!! Reminds me of my happy childhood

  • Cori

    What is #31?

    • vron

      Dragonfruit. Googled until I found it!

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