Afternoon eye candy: Heath Ledger (30 photos)

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  • TylerG_76

    #3 I still can't believe he's gone.😦

  • Cat

    RIP Heath … he is def. the hottest man world has seen … so sad he is gone …

  • Jo

    What a great choice ! I love that guy, a sexy man, and he was very talented !

  • tan


  • Ella

    #17 What a smile! Def going to watch this movie when I get home tonight:)

  • @DanaShades

    He did great movies, but he could have done more and better… He always reminds me of River Phoenix. It's such a loss.

    • suzycreamcheese

      no offense but River Phoenix seems like a kid nest to Heath Ledger

      • @DanaShades

        That a bad thing? (and well, River died younger anyways…)

      • Vex

        No offense, but River Phoenix was way hotter and more talented.

  • gloria

    Looking at pictures of someone who is still alive would be more pleasant.

  • Flutzy


  • ale

    charming smile / talented guy… and a terrific joker, by the way.

  • Jules-CO

    Damn shame he's gone…I bet he would have been one of those great male actors that ages beautifully like George Clooney. Still Makes me sad sometimes…That smile, those eyes….

  • Lucy Schroeder

    Thank you, Berry, thank you so much! Best eye candy EVER!

  • Radu

    Thanks for this album, i feel sorry for him.

  • Peachy Chick

    Great Post Berry, He sure was one handsome man (sigh)

  • Mallory Petersen

    #30 Always one of the best photos of him!!

  • jeni_necropolis

    He was so beautiful. His dimples just make me melt. I still just can't wrap my head around the fact that he is gone.

  • Thing1

    Can we do a post of just Australians?
    #23 I have yet to see a guy I find more attractive than him❤ R.I.P

  • tabi

    I admit it, i teared up. miss him,

  • montez

    #4 makes me even more sad that he's gone😦

  • Ellington3

    a very talented man who is greatly missed.

  • rocklesson86

    Very gifted hottie that will be surley missed.

  • Ceige

    He's so diverse. I really miss him and his smile on screen. Great post Berry!

  • Polski tlumacz

    #11. That's funny:)

  • Ivee

    #26 You're just to good to be true…

  • SugarSkull

    ah that smile:) he was very handsome </3

  • Katharina

    Thank you so much – this just made my day:)

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