Afternoon eye candy: Jake Gyllenhaal

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  • RomanticRudy

    **must be a sign**-there's this hot guy that works near my job that me and my friend call Red Haired Jake, cuz he looks a lot like Jake Gyllenhaal. anywho, we saw him today at lunch and he was so checking me out (insert High School girl's giggle) and low and behold, the hottie of the day! It has to be in the stars for us..

    • jakefan

      i dont know what you're waiting for but HIT THAT LOL

      • rocklesson86

        Yes you must hit that.

  • @erinwillett

    #19 good god.

  • random

    yep, one of my top 5 guys…

  • ExLondonerin

    #10 … *sigh*

  • Amanda

    I'm more into Donnie Darko Jake, but damn #9

    • ilovechocolatechips

      ikr instant panty melt

  • Courtney

    #10 – I want to be in that sweater.

  • ReneeV85

    I❤ Jake! So beautiful!!:)

  • Evelyn

    omg i literally moaned when i saw the post was about him. lol by far the hottest actor out right now omg love him!

  • Valerie Elizabeth Jordan

    #27 Prince of Persia jake is sooo /swoon

  • Dawnabelle

    Thanks Berrythat was the best candy ever!!

  • elo

    by far the hotest guy in the world

  • Kel

    #23 couldnt look away

  • Tiffanie

    Can we have a Jim Sturgess eye candy soon?

  • Romy

    Now if Jake would just come and marry me, all my prayers would be answered

  • tea_tastic

    Jake would totally get it! Oooft😉

  • Kelsey

    Are you guys kidding me? He's not cute, and he's a jerk, too. He went to a race to learn his character for a movie (not sure if it's still a go or not.) Instead of talking to the greatest runners in the world (this is an extreme distance race in thin, thin air where few actually finish) he acted like brat and didn't talk to one single runner. So much for learning a part. You're surrounded by elite runners and don't even make eye contact with one. Simply making it into that race is hard; he didn't care to say hi to the winner who'd been through hell.

  • rocklesson86

    Jake is so fucking hot. I would so do him if I could.

  • Ptesla

    #30, I knew myself before I made it big in Hollywood. (Hipster Jake)

  • fifa

    Only reason I watched Prince Of Persia….

  • Annonymouse

    Wow, I have a whole new appreciation now……

    And to Kelsey, take the advice a girlfriend gave me once: "You don't fuck his personality."

  • Charlee

    I want to Pin all the Jakes!❤

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