• jennymarie

    #1 love the highlights

    • BeachBum85

      They're natural too:)

  • Lisa

    i battle with my hair every day. i am jealous of all these people.

  • thisgirl

    why no ethnic hair?

    • liz

      yea. I felt a little left out too…

  • misschris

    I want ALL the styles!

  • Amber

    So basically what I'm getting from this post is that white girl hair is pretty and our hair isn't?

  • tomato

    #1 what kind of shampoo/conditioner/product would recommend for shiny/sleek hair like this? I've tried some that just make my hair greasy.

    • BeachBum85

      I use all natural shampoo and conditioner. I do like to mix my shampoo up now and again, I trade off with Head and Shoulders. I follow up with some moroccan or coconut oil when my hair is slightly damp. Voila, you have sleek and shiny hair:)

  • Do You Really Care

    Sooo…. Uh. Not only is curly hair not 'pretty' (apparently), but no one of color has pretty hair? I love this website, but I am HIGHLY dissappointed. It's 2011, get with it.

  • heather

    or short hair… short hair is not pretty hmmmmmm

  • http://jtjt that hair look ok lol


  • Tristan bri

    Stop getting so butt hurt, it isn't even close to saying that ethnic people don't have pretty hair. It's just displaying pretty hair, has nothing to do with skin color

  • Puddin

    #20 gorgeous. I want my hair baaaaccckkkk,,,,,whine, cry, sniff, sniff. I lost a lot of hair when my son was born and it won't grow back to it's former long, healthy luster and it just makes me SO sad.
    Yes, our hair is our vanity!! Hell, at least I still have my teeth ha!

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