• Lindsey

    I bet that cat is ALWAYS covered in dog spit!

  • Jessica

    This video clearly displays the vicious nature of a pitbull.

    • fetch

      Uhhmmm…I think Jessica was just kidding? Sort of like pointing out just how NOT vicious he was with the little kitty. So, no thumbs down needed.

    • hardcore

      i think you have it backwards, this video clearly displays the vicious nature of a cat!

  • Rae

    This video makes me love pitbulls sooo much more

  • Randa

    That was so cute! Reminds me of how my kitten plays with my sister's mutt.

  • Lynne


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  • Ellington3

    At first I was worried for the kitten but I can see how much the two animals LOVE each other.
    That is great.
    I am not a fan of Pitbulls as there are a lot of irresponsible owners out there, but that dog was well behaved.
    They are both cute.:)

    • ggs

      you should change your stance + not take the owners actions out on the dog. try being a fan of the dog + not a fan of the owners. it's just a smarter way to look at the truth of the situation. by the way – take that bad owner + give them any dog + they will make it vicious. it has NOTHING to do with the dog itself.

  • nayala

    0:29- the dog's probably thinking "Hold on…I'm trying to give a fuck…"

  • misschris

    Awww that was adorable! My big lab/doberman mix used to play like that w/ my ferret. It looked rough, but the dog was surprisingly gentile w/ the much smaller animal. They were pals :-)

  • Romina

    I had a dog and a cat that acted like this. When we brought the kitten home, the (male) dog took care of the kitten like it was his baby. Many times he grabbed the kitten with his mouth and took him up down the stairs because he was afraid. They played all of the time, just like you see here. No one ever got hurt (that I can remember).
    *I don't even remember the sex of the cat, this was about 20 years ago..

  • theis


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