• Bexter

    this…. is just time that I do not have… cute though…

  • Margie

    can someone please tell me the name of #26
    i got one as a gift, there wasn't a name on the box, and there aren't any directions, i want to google it so i can get some directions or tips.

    • gee

      spritz cookies

      • Charly

        Good luck making the cookies!

    • venus

      also known as a cookie press

  • Charly

    THIS IS AMAZING! This post literally made my day!

  • random_username

    #30 Every time they butcher a book to make something like this, my first reaction is to die a little on the inside. Then, I hope REALLY hard that it was some useless one, like an outdated address book or a manual for something you no longer own or need or already know how to operate. But the pages always look like there was a perfectly fine story on them before they got torn apart for the sake of some stupid ornament ;__;

    • Barb Flarb

      Cheer up. Maybe it was a book of mormon or something like that:)

    • 1kissbee

      Could be Twilight. Or the person could have at a second issue of a book, maybe they made a print out of a page. But yeah if not you are so right, I die too.

  • sarahlove

    sometimes printers make errors and a section of a book is reprinted twice within a book, perfectly acceptable to make crafts out of those. fyi… when you go to buy a book… always thumb through the book to make sure that the pages are in number order and no duplicates… nothing like going from page 88 to page 144 and finding out 89 through 143 are nowhere to be found.

  • Jackie

    I would like the name of # 28. I would love to make this with my granddaughter for Christmas presents

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