• Mee

    #18 someone please tell me where to find those!!!❤

  • Jules-CO

    Something about the ankle bend in #30….I love it:) Don't get why, but I do!

  • Rebecca

    I hate being broke. I miss walking into a shoe store and walking out with a box of love like #29

  • Kat

    UGH!!! I am a shoe fanatic, but I'm only just starting my collection. My finals are over tomorrow and over break I have decided to take myself on a shoe shopping spree…I dceserve it! Watch out for next week😀

  • tania wang

    I really want the #9 black and white pumps!!! who makes them?

  • Katyane

    Those are cute, you are so right heels are not always coblfrtamoe but these heels are super cuteI have so many heels but I rather walk in flats all day! So Ms. Courtne a.k.a. Queen Shmink Keep up the good work in if you come across some fly flats please post! Im from cali but I live in NYC! I love fashion all the glam in glitz.

  • Betsy

    Where can I find #30!! I'm in love!!!

  • Betsy

    Where can I find #27!! I'm in love!!!

    • angie

      just bought these on justfab.com! This is a great shoe website!

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