Daily Awww: Thinking of you… (39 photos)

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  • Kyle

    #1 I'm sure you do after you were arrested for vandelism

    • arrrrrg

      I don't think that's the point..

  • Kyle

    #30 …except you used 13

  • Kyle

    #38 That's nice but you should call 911, I think she's having a heart attack.

  • foowa

    if you're going to be technical, he/she used 12. The number 3 is a number.

    • Kyle


  • 1withlife

    #33 Lesbian?

  • Marla

    5 years ago today i fell in love with the sweetest, kindest, funniest, most generous man i have ever known. he passed away this past april. i miss him every day but im doing what he asked, moving on and being happy as i can. this post being here today of all days means something special to me. thank you.

  • Lauren

    :D! So happy right now. Thanks for posting my pic! #24:)

  • Roxe

    #20 hahahaha i can't believe my pic showed up in this one :)
    I always leave my boyfriend a cute note right before work and when i come home there's always something different lol

  • Amanda

    #33 So cute.

  • Sean

    #38 I send in the cute picture of my girlfriend and I …. twice… nothing. But a douchebag holding up a hobo sign makes theBerry :`(

  • Colt Shackleford

    They sent a baby to war?
    Not Cool.

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