We need MOAR men of theBERRY!

hmotb1 We need MOAR men of theBERRY!

Yay for ‘Hot Men of theBERRY’! Thanks for the creativity and don’t forget to show your handsome faces! If you know someone that is eye candy worthy, send their pic our way!

Just a heads up, we’re spreading HMOTB pictures throughout our ‘Morning Coffee’ and ‘Berry Break’ posts now. So don’t forget to look for your pictures in those posts as well!

Special thanks to all the Chivers that want to pay back the Chivettes. We are getting a great response, but we need you to GET CREATIVE to make the cut. Hold a sign up or write theBERRY somewhere on your body! Don’t be afraid to smile either. You know what to do.

Click SUBMIT or email to theberrysubmit[at]



Berry on!
theBERRY sisters: Emily & Megan

  • Crot

    those monkeys are like the worst idea ever, uelsns your host its freakn impossible to hit those little bastards! P.S. pro tips! Have a guy down in the pack a punch area, one at the PHD flopper, and one at the transport area where the 74u is, dont become a cluster fuck, because you’ll not only have all the zombies come at you all, but you’ll be fighting for kills and wasting alot of ammo for nothing! spread out and you’ll last alot longer.

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