• ale

    #25 and still sobbing "I don´t have nothing to wear!".. LOLZ

  • Michelle

    I love #7 and #14… and amazing that Christina's closet helps her lose 10lbs:)

  • Jules-CO

    Would kill to have a real walk in closet….someday(sigh)

  • tomato

    ahhh…. and most of these are bigger than my apartment.

  • tomato

    the OCD in me wants to straighten out #8

  • Arnetia Nickens

    IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!

  • caroline

    do you know …I HATE THEM ALL ….. cos I dont have anything like it myself . I will dream ……………

  • Allison

    So not fair!! I have three pairs of shoes and these ppl have a million and still dont wear them.😦

  • CLrun03

    One day I will have an epic closet like this. Minus the heels, plus a lot of running shoes.:)

  • Amanda

    I'm more a boots and gladiator sandals kind of girl (not so much heels), and of course clothes and jewelery! #1 is AMAZING.

  • random_username

    #5 #6 #23 I'd love to have those beautiful mirrors…

  • DoWopper

    #23 is a boring closet let alone it is up against all those spectacular ones. Aside from the mirror, what's up?

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