• annabanana


    • Amanda

      That was my exact response.

  • EllenD


  • Peachy Chick

    So unfortunate😦 They make such a difference in the lives of so many people who truly desrve it

  • tabi

    i can't watch an episode of it without tearing up. they are amazing caring people

  • elina

    what they did was really nice but the sad part is, many of these people werent able to afford all the expenses that came with the house upgrade and ended up having to leave the home. unfortunate:(

    • Amanda

      Most of the time they payed off mortgages? Was it hydro costs, etc? I've never heard anything about this and would really like more information. Thanks.

      • Marla

        I would assume the taxes that they had to pay, and the electricity + water + heating + cooling. Those would definitely add up.

  • piggypigs

    I HATED that show. Too much excess. Everything had to be over the top. It was as if they could have built two or three homes for needy people with the excess they spent on the one home. Glad it's overrrrrrrrrr

    • MissB

      I agree. It is one thing when you build an amazing yet modest home for a deserving family and another when you build something so extravagant and expensive that it seems like a waste.

    • Amanda

      Oftentimes they were build that way to accommodate the special needs of someone in the family. I agree some things are rather unnecessary, but a lot of the high tech stuff was to help someone disabled.

  • VonTrance

    I thought this show was cool, they actually did a makeover to a house in my town. However, with how extravagant they make the homes, some of ( I don't know exact statistics, except I have read news articles) the families can't afford to live in the homes. The electricity bill gets to high, etc etc and they end up having to leave the dream home. Which seems like it would be even more devastating >_<

    • Ellington3

      that is so sad😦

  • Ellington3

    I think for their final show they should do a recap and show where and how the families they helped are living and doing since the big renos.

  • Amanda

    I agree it is all a bit over the top, but I loved watching the show. It makes me really sad to hear that some families had to leave, but that's not to say these people didn't mean well, however it's definitely something they should have thought out.

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  • tea_tastic

    Nooo!! I loved this show!! :[

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