Afternoon eye candy: Hot men of theBERRY! (62 photos)

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  • SaraIsPrincess1

    #36 #43 #60…thank you

    • Teo

      you welcome;-)

  • Jade

    Lots of great looking guys but Damn there's just something so arresting about #33

    • Rachel B

      Can we have more of this guy? Please

  • Rachel G.

    Hot guy+Bill Fucking Murray=exponentially hot guy.

  • Anonymous

    #34….clearly the sexiest man of any who posted….should by far be the #1!!!!

  • Lalalashaleigh

    #11 ive never experienced a jaw drop until now. Find him!!!

  • @chaoticbeauty6

    ill take #57 to go please! :p

  • Heather

    #4 MOAR, please!!!! #39 YES!!!

  • Anonymous

    #39 AND #61 , WOW!!!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!!!


    #39 & #61 , WOW!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!

    • Nick Bakke

      Well thank you Miss Crash!



      • MISS_CRASH

        NICE (",)

  • Rachel

    #25 that smile:)

  • navygirl

    #11 #34 ……let's hit up the water!

  • Yes

    #1 is the love child from Elijah Wood and Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

    • macman1987

      Bahahahaha. its only funny cuz this kid is a friend of mine.

  • Becky

    #7 #36 #54 moar please – you can just send those pics directly to my inbox

    Much love,
    A Canadian Chivette

  • Jennyy

    #31, guy on the right (:

  • alexandra

    where can i find one guy just one lke this couse in this shitty europe are just ugly and fat bastards

  • Deanna9038

    #36 BINGO!! Only one problem…where are all these guys? When I go out, I am not finding men with bodies like these!! lol

    • Moxco

      I wish I would have read this before Halloween. The Jones Gang would have loved the cake. Have to do it next year. Thaks. Love the flash back pic also. So cute!Regards,Susan JonesThe Celiac Shack

  • Williane

    Yet another pasagse to adulthood. Congrats on your cooking bat mitzvah Kim! I’ve been on a sugar high myself these past few days. Been making candy each evening after work. It just doesn’t seem like the holidays unless I am waist deep in sugar and chocolate and vanilla and you get the idea! Thus far I have made peanut butter fudge (two batches, cuz Gregg ate most of the first one, so none available for gifts!) white chocolate fudge, easy toffee, Ragin’ Cajun Pecans, Salty Pecan Candy, and Cranberry Almond Bark. And naturally as I cut & package these little morsels of yumminess, I MUST taste them! All the little bits that flake off are also fair game. Must. Work. Out. More. Happy Holidays!

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