Surprise Weekend Awww! (34 photos)


Click HERE if you prefer kitty cats!

  • @DanaShades

    #26 COOL DOG B)

  • Lola

    all this post <3

  • incaunipocrit

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  • Ellington3

    They are ALL SO CUTE!
    I just wish that they were not the mortal enemy of cute shoes everywhere! : )

  • mandyfan

    #11 #22 #33 OMG. SO CUTE.

  • Mee

    #4 makes me want another puppy <3 My dog will be 4 next year and I have puppy fever!!!

  • aciekay

    yup… definitely going to volunteer at the pound asap. i loooooove puppies! and the dogs they become. <3

  • nina

    #22 soo adorable

  • Allison

    I so want a puppy! So cute and loveable!!

  • Susan

    #10 and #11 Corgis are such cute puppies!

  • Fishie

    I actually AM getting a puppy this Christmas :) One just like these two #31

  • amandiola

    #20 and #30
    Can I just have them all? So damn adorable!

  • Ceige

    I want a puppy for Christmas! …or three of them..

  • Heather

    SQUEEEEE!!! I want one of each!!!

  • skylarrr

    I was feeling like crap when I got to work this morning…now I am so ready for the day! Thanks, Berry!

  • @angel_elle

    yes please also sign me up for one of each. They are all so adorable!! ^_^ <3

  • Enya Mc Nally

    Telling me not to "awwww" is like telling me not to "Yawn" I gotta do it now!

  • polish translator

    #3 My exgirlfriend will love it :)

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