• ...

    #12 Ingenious idea…best parent ever!!
    #19 Thought Snow White should have been white, and Ariel red.

    • Hailey

      I think Snow White is red for her lips!
      and they had to fit a pretty turquoise color in there somehow.😉

    • theforgottenart

      Snow White has a (teeny) bit of red in the puffed sleeves of her dress and her cape is also red, Ariel's tail is turquoise. Not ideal but that's how I's figuring the colour choices…

    • ShouldBeWorkin

      I hate to sound like the dork that I am… but Snow White's mother wishes for a daughter with skin like snow, blood red lips and hair as dark as ebony. So that's where the red comes from.

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001035222301 Beena Dorgan

    #16 #30 #39

  • MsAnonymous

    #10 #18 I know what I'm gonna make this christmas
    #11 so cute

  • Ceige

    #1 is so sweet.

  • Cindy

    #8 – Love me some Rugby boys! Those men are rough and tough and don't need all that padding like American Football players…Happy Monday to me!!!

  • shonda

    #39 he's very sexy.

  • _maxPain_

    #10 wow yes you nailed it,,they look fantastic but the sad part is,, they wont last long !!
    would you mind sharing ?
    :) :) :) :) :)

  • Liz_O

    Damn right they don't. #15 #16

  • Kelly

    #32 made my morning:)

  • SwingoutScott

    #39. Chicken legs!

  • Yes

    #39 He has a crush on his mom.

  • Winnie

    #31 This changes everything

  • BadART

    #13 I wouldn't be pumped either if I was holding onto the stick you just urinated on. Who wants PEE hands? Not me, and not your son. Wake up you turd.

  • http://www.fisz.co.uk/ polish translators

    #37 that's funny:)

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