• Mee

    I really like #7! The shoes, jeans and sweater are all something I would buy and I dont consider myself a hipster..

  • Bored

    Way too obscure for me, i don't get it.

  • anony

    weird shopped thighs

  • Googoo

    I like this actually. Very different and everybody has their own unique style. They stand out from the gray crowd and are not afraid to wear what they want! Don't understand though, why people who dress differently are immediately considered as hipsters…?

    • Amanda

      I personally love most of these outfits, real hipsters are not all pretty girls though, it can get weird.

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #19 hipster or not, thats hot!

  • Anonymous

    See this is trendy! Not all hipsters have to be balled into that one stereotype of dirty ungrateful shitheads that hang out in LP5 in downtown ATL.

  • sam

    these arent hipsters

  • newBerryfan

    why do you keep using the same pics over and over?? i`ve seen #4 in at least 3 posts …and yesterday i found even pics from 2010 repeating in very new posts…i`m kinda dissapinted,you say you get sooo many pics,but keep using old ones😐

  • live through the 80s

    so basically bad 80s fashion… lmao… man i thought i'd never see most of this fashion come back but low and behold… here we are

  • Empacadores

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