• Cindy

    Stylish AND Functional – Yeah, I do not miss these at all

    • jgi

      'Flatforms' as their known now are really in fashion now … well again If you have a pair sell them on ebay under flatforms you can a little bit of money from them. Any hipster will buy them

  • ale

    Thank god, this trend is over and please, mercy, never let this come back… only spice girls looked semi cool on them.

  • Jules-CO

    Lol, I'm pretty sure I still have a pair of platform buckle up boots somewhere in my storage stuff…from Hot Topic ;P

  • GeBee

    Awful, Awful thing 2 come out of the 90's….And im ashamed 2 say i owned a pair!! Ahhh!

  • Samantha Kristal

    LOL Oh man, I used to have a pair… *face palm*

  • McAwesome

    Today these are called "Shape-Ups".

    • Luciano

      Your list is lame. Alot of them are just stock photos that don’t relaly convey what exactly you want. For example #28; what do you want? the hammock? A vacation to this place? And your choice in what you do want seems limited to simple things, things that have a small gimmick that makes them slightly more unique. You want a purse? Makeup? A lamp? These are just things you could actually buy so just buy them.

  • Googoo

    90's fashion was the WORST.

  • Amanda

    How did everyone not have these?! The Spice Girls had them!

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=650263041 Erika Holmgren

    i enjoyed my platform sneakers AND boots!!

  • Kelly

    Say what you want – Boys thought (and still think) they were hot.

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