• dfgs

    i think Jack Johnson is worthy to have his own HMOTB post

  • Emm422

    MAJOR points lost for not having Ben Harper in there!!!!

  • aciekay

    #12 has a sweet face. (: and I looooove mixing violin and guitar, #16!

  • Heather

    Where, oh where is David Cook?!?!?

  • RandomScottishChick

    Love it! Thank you for a sexy musician post. Man, I would be all over Jared Leto #15 like white on rice…

  • melinda

    Where's John Frusciante?

  • JennIsAShark

    Missing: Jack Barakat and Brendon Urie.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002179999609 Nathália Machado

    Guitars + beautiful guys = perfect post!

  • Ceige

    Sexy guy….sexy guitars… day made.

  • aggiemuse

    #1 and #2 make my days bright..❤

  • rocklesson86

    I love guitar players. Number 27 doesn't count.

  • Themightydagmar

    frank iero, zacky vengenace and johnny christ?! oh berry, you do spoil me!! (even though johnny is a bassist ;D )

  • bluangel425

    #12 and #26 Total cuties

  • Amanda


  • Bee

    #27 can play guitar hero with me anytime. Anywhere.

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