• JamieLHi

    #6 Where can I get them

  • Carla

    Great post Alex! want #21

  • random_username

    #22 My lace stockings have a similar pattern to those, but they're getting old and it shows =,(

    Also, I love everything and anything lace-ish, but #7's ugly. It looks tacky.

    • Lola

      completely agree for #7. it just looks slutty

  • Cait

    #6… atrocious.

    • Lola

      hey, i want them!

  • DiDi

    i wish you guys posted where we can find these items😦

  • Nikki

    I have seen #21 everywhere, I love it! How do I buy this skirt??

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    I want #21 too, can't find them online yet, any news?

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