• Amanda

    Daniel is such a sweetheart, but I think I'm still team Jack. We need a Nick Wechsler post!

  • Tara B

    Awesome!!! Team Daniel all the way! Jack has a horrific case of CW hair.

  • ...

    Team Nolan!? Obviously not in the running, but love that guy. Plus he's very Team Jack.

  • sarabara

    ahh he is soooo gooood looookinggg. team daniel:)

  • mcs

    I've thought he was cute for a while… although I do have to question his sanity for dating Amy Winehouse THEN Miley Cyrus

    • ceej

      WHAT?! noooo.

  • D.J.

    Yummy Yummy

  • rocklesson86

    He's hot.

    • carla

      we should cool him off

      • Kaitlyn Gilbert

        He's so hot

  • Kassi Gilbert

    Joshua Bowman no word to described his except that his charming funny and a great actor
    Ps my sister is in love with you and dreams of the day you look at her and fall completely in love with her good luck Bowman!!!!

  • lunaaaaaa

    Es lindisimooo!!:)

  • priscilla ralte

    omg!!! im so inlove with josh…he is so down to earth…love all bout him…im soooo team Daniel

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