• kay

    he'll always be Kyle Valenti!
    #17 he looks so hansom!

  • Jmurph

    Awesome! Thank you for these.

  • Dayna

    He's cute. who is he??!

  • rocklesson86

    I have know idea who he is, but he is hot.

    • carla

      me too

  • stevenfbrackett

    A couple of these photos look like someone else entirely.

    As several others have already asked – who is this guy?

  • Chalisss

    He played a character named Kyle Valenti on a show called Roswell that aired on the WB from '99-00 then on UPN until 2001. Probably the most underrated show of all time. One of the best shows ever.

  • Christine

    He's from the new hit tv show called Revenge. He plays Jack Porter. I prefer Joshua Bowman from the same show.

    • Veronica

      nah, jack porter is good with dogs! O_O

  • Katie

    YES!!! THANK YOU! Been waiting to see him since the show started!:)

  • Heather

    Those eyes!!! He's just yummy!!! =)

  • Amanda

    #15 and #17 Ah, so damn gorgeous. TEAM JACK!!

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