• Greg

    It wont be long before my girlfriend sees this post…. Its going to be a long day.

  • Mee

    I love love LOVE lace open back dresses! #20 is beautiful… and I dont even want to get married!

  • kimmeMOAR

    Just beautiful #28 Although, I can't fathom spending so much money on a dress I'll only wear once. I'd rather buy a jet ski.

    • Pixie

      You probably don't really understand how special marriage is then.

      • amy

        marriage or a wedding? big difference there

    • Amanda

      Different strokes. I'm a big penny pincher and think high fashion is ridiculous, nor am I all that traditional, but my wedding dress is one thing I won't settle on. Though I also plan to get crafty and have a lot of DIY stuff for the rest of the wedding.

  • Jessica

    #6 #14 #25 are all to die for! Love this post!

  • AllyRuth

    This is actually really sad, I was supposed to go pay for my wedding dress next Sunday so they can order it, but sadly my money tree isn't as green as I would like it to be…

  • Kim

    #7 Gorgeous…

    • Stephanie

      do you know who made this dress?

  • clal89

    #27 is beautiful!

  • LEM

    Anyone know who makes #7?

  • Nikki

    #6 is beautiful. I would love to see a frontal view of it.

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=573816804 Anika Nikol

    Where can I buy dresses 16 & 22?

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  • Jessica

    This is a great collection of beautiful dresses! Unfortunately, I'm appalled that there are no credits to the photographers on any of these images (yes, I know some of them are probably catalog shots, but MANY of them are not). I am 99% sure I know who the photographer for #16 is (because of his very distinct style), and I'm willing to be no permission was given to use his image, let alone without even a credit. Please consider trying to find the photographers before using their images!

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    Wedding dress play an important role to make the wedding successful. These photographs are really eyecatchy. Thanks for the nice sharing.

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