• Tanya

    wholy eff I love penguins!!

  • Susan

    I love penguins too.There are some great pictures in this group – like: #15

  • aniiiii

    The fluffy ones are AAAARGHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • mcneilj

    Penguins are my absolute favorite

  • EHM

    It's so fluffy, I'm going to die!

  • Emma

    Looking at this I now think penguins my be my new favorite animal!

  • Amy

    Pretty much the best post! Thanks Berry!

  • JDR

    Glad i'm not alone!! I love penguins too and they are my absolute favorite!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mistyinltown

    This was pure awesome sauce, because I also love me some penguins! Thanks Berry!

  • Heather

    SQUEEEEEE!!!! Too cute for words!

  • gracia

    #15 Happy feet is not happy

  • Cal

    Penguin wallpaper please!!

  • http://twitter.com/novajellyfish @novajellyfish

    These gifs are totally killing me!

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