• Mee

    #6 I just wish that Chris Pine was my boyfriend.

  • Joe


    • Ricky

      What do you wear Joe? Lax jerseys and gym shorts?! Bet you attract some real classy ladies wearing that everyday.

      • Kristen

        I'm a pretty classy lady, and while I'm not into gym shorts, I have to say I agree with Joe on most of these.

    • Amanda

      I don't get all the hate, my boyfriend looks great in simple jeans and plaid half-sleeves/cardigans and I have to agree these guys take it to douche level.

  • Ele

    #16 noooooooooooooo #23 yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss

  • MFChop

    Anyone know the brand / designer of that jacket……. I need it asap lol #11

    • Trent

      I think its Wemadethisforyourlittlebrother….uh assn..

  • Truedat

    I like this stuff-i guess to each it's own.

  • Jenny

    Yuck! Are you sure you're wishful boyfriend is actually a boy? These clothes scream estrogen!

    • rocklesson86

      Maybe to you they do, but I wouldn't mind if I guy I dated wore clothes like this.

      • carla

        me too!

  • Chris

    So I guess the days of men looking like men and not the effeminette creations of hipster interior designers who have never left the city in their life, are long gone.

    • rocklesson86

      Maybe to you they don't look like men.

      • carl

        me too!

  • katie

    I can honestly say that I am very glad my boyfriend doesn't wear things like this, not my style, sorry berry..still love you!

  • rocklesson86

    I these guys look so sexy. I love the hispster look. I guess I am part of the small portion who want their men to actually know how to dress.

    • Jawbone

      You're also part of the small portion who like their men to like penis. What the fuck is a hispster?

      • rocklesson86

        I don't like dealing with ignorant assholes like you. Just because they have a style that I happen to like, doesn't mean that they like penises. Where I live, a lot of guys dress they way the guys are dressing in this post and they happen to have girlfriends too.

        • carl

          me too

    • carla

      me too

  • DMD

    File #9 & #25 under things your boyfriend wishes you wouldn't wish he'd wear.

  • Liz

    I'm all for it. My partner fancies himself as a bit of a fashionista and I would't disagree. He definitely dressed better than I do and picks out great pieces for me to wear too. I get the hipster comments but the looks have also moved onto the high street, so like it or not Vans, snap backs and Levis are no longer just for hipsters and bmx'ers i'm afraid:)

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