24-month-old deaf child having a conversation -amazing! (video)

We truly take communication and language for granted sometimes. This deaf mother and child having a conversation is touching:
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“This is a video of our daughter Ava, aged 24 months having a conversation with her mum Lilli at the dinner table.

We are both deaf so we were able to sign from when Ava was born, hearing parents should be given the chance to learn sign language and be able to communicate with their own child fully. We think its important to note that eventually it would be great to see this opportunity given to grandparents, siblings, and other family members/carers.

Language is not a privilege, it is a right.”

Please go HERE and support the NDCS (National Deaf Children’s Society).

  • Sarah

    My parents always wished they learned sign language. But on the other hand I was glad that I got lots of practice communicating with hearing people.

  • Nevie

    I love this! I think its british sign language cause of the way she spelled ava its the british alphabet! So amazing❤

  • Anonymous

    What a SMART two year old! Many 2 year olds can barely put sentences together. Very sweet:)

  • Sam

    Too adorable

  • swinglineguy

    Language is not a privilege, it is a right. Agreed ! :)

  • Edward

    This made me cry, so touching. wow, Now I can appreciate life even more. Love this posts

  • Bethkillian

    This is the most beautiful thing I´ve seen in a long time.

  • sean

    yes, yes, the kid is very impressive, but good lord, that woman is staggeringly beautiful.

  • Brian

    Finally a beautiful video to give us some hope for the world.Not a video of some slag showing her tits,or some drunken loser showing his ass.

    • thetinks

      that's for sure. so touching the mom and little girl.

  • karen

    the communication i just viewed was truly amazing….communication is the everyday miracle

  • Ellington3

    Sign language is so beautiful to watch, and mesmerizing too.
    That mother and child are so lovely and I feel honoured to watch their fun and informative chat!:)
    I want to learn sign language… and you know what I think that I will!:)

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  • Pat Magroin

    I want to see mum's tummy. :)

  • Emm

    Good to see the OTHER side of the story after the "touching" video of the 18 month old that had his skull cut open and metal screwed into his head and risked facial paralysis, meningitis and even his life for the sake of a cochlear implant that does NOT replicate hearing only sounds that he will spend his entire life struggling to understand for the sake of 'normalcy' and never belonging to either the hearing or Deaf World.

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