• ale

    #26 love that dress.

  • Susan

    #19 Not really fussed on the style but what a gorgeous colour

  • http://www.fedflamingo.blogspot.com Karoline

    #12 I can't belive it! This is the dress I'm going to wear in 4 months at my prom. I've known this for over a year! I just made my day to see it featured!:)

    • annabanana

      it's very pretty!

  • gingermidgetsunite

    #24 Because every High School senior looks like this! (Gorgeous dress though)

  • Annonymouse

    #24 – I haven't been a H.S. senior is almost 20 years but I really want that dress!!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    #4 This is such a cool Disney princess dress (not that I'd ever wear it IRL).

    • random_username

      Why not? It's gorgeous!😛 This and #15 are just beautiful (I just need to find an occasion to wear them to >__<)

  • girlyskullhead

    #15 yesssssss

  • Winnie

    If I went to prom again #24 would be my dress

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  • katastrophe89

    #23 is the only one i would consider wearing….the rest are kind of hideous =/

  • sweatervest

    WTF!!! you have got to be kidding me! These are the ugliest dresses i have ever seen! Were they all made on the Jersey Shore or what! Might as well shop in the Hello Kitty section in the lil miss isle. SO glad I have a son!!!

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