• Amanda

    #6 Ew.
    #8 The head is key!

    • swinglineguy

      ewwwwwwwwww to your comment about number eight. ewwwwwwwwwww 2 U

  • Tara B

    If he's living at the 6-pack he's definitely going to need luck. And later a liver transplant…

  • misschris

    #9 This kind of thing really upsets me. It happened to my current boyfriend. His girl got pregnant when they were still in high school. He thought they were being safe. He is a wonderful father, but that is not the way to bring children into the world. Naturally, you risk pregnancy when you have sex, but Trying for kids… It's such a big decision that it should definitely be something discussed and agreed upon by Both parties. How would you feel if some girl does that to your son when he grows up???

    • swinglineguy

      I'd feel like your son needs to make better choices in women. LOL

  • Michael Crawford

    #2 Your unique foot is only an issue if you, you and no other, allow it to be so. Please do not let such a small thing take control of so much fate. You are more than a foot. You are more than an entire leg. You are more than a body. And love is not in the body. Love is in your soul. Pour your soul into the world, and love will find you.

    • Anthony

      This made my fucking day, good sir. My thoughts exactly.

  • swinglineguy

    #2 that wouldn't bother me a bit. keep looking for love babe, I'm out here !

  • JOHN

    #2 Ladies: To be honest your face is a more important feature. If you are really good-looking guys won't overlook you. This is third-date information anyway. Cosmetic surgeons can handle that kind of thing if it really worries you.

  • Ellington3

    This post secret really annoyed me!!!
    Does the person who wrote that thinks that those kids with terminal cancer wouldn't rather live instead of meeting their favourite celebrity?
    How lame and shallow of them to be jealous of that experience!!!😦

  • mskris

    #2 Of all the postsecrets I've ever read this one hit me the most. I just wish theberry had posted the picture showing that she had gotten engaged.

  • Christy

    #4 That digusts me

  • Corinne

    # 2 !!! YOUR FEET ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! My boyfriend took one look at that pic and said, "Wow! Her feet are cute! They're beautiful!". I agree! ^_^ If my boyfriend could think so, so will another man out there. You're feet are AWESOME!!!! =D

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