• Beckah

    Is photo #58 of rings or bracelets? Who makes them? They're beautiful!

    • Dee

      Would buy immidiately

      • Rakesh

        not sure of the price points, but Picos are the csepaeht route, starting for less than $100, to a few hundred. They are not bright (as seen here), but are a lot proghter (and at least SD rez) than the Eye-Clops.At a few hundred, up, are regular projectors, that can work in semi-bright rooms, but if you want one that can be used in bright rooms, be prepared to spend around $1,200 and (a lot) higher.

    • em

      does anyone know the designer of this ring? or where I can find it please!

  • tibbyhonest

    So chuffed right now that I uploaded #52😀

    this is better than christmas😀

  • Nathy


  • Kimmy

    Nothing is prettier than a lab pup!

  • Michelle

    #32 Mmmm… Ryan Gosling

    • Michelle

      and the dog is pretty adorable to!!!

  • Mee

    #16 I'm just about to hop in the shower… I wish that was waitin for me😦

    • Eliz

      My sweet friend, reandig your story brought tears to my eyes every child is a blessing, yours is simply divine .May God bless you and continue to bless your beautiful family!love ya, Marirosa

  • http://twitter.com/DanaShades @DanaShades

    I just got shivers… the best kind:)

  • Candice

    #16 ….your tattoo is beautiful on your arm. Is it of Mary?

  • flibble

    #23… heart's on the wrong side. unless it's from the back?

  • Ellington3

    What a beautiful child!:)

    • partybuster

      Amazingly beautiful:)

  • Sean

    That and apparently "you" are in my…..right…… lung…..

    • SARmedic

      "You" are in my left lung. That is an x-ray from the posterior, so sides are reversed. The heart is the shaded part in the center that goes to the left (in the picture). Somebody skipped anatomy the day they were teaching about organ placement.

      *Not trying to be a dick, it's a common misconception that the heart is in the upper left of the chest. Ever seen a horseshoe kidney? My classmates had a cadaver with one, very cool.

  • ash

    i need one of these in my shower!

  • 1madhatter

    haha, absolutely love 19! Dad = cool, daughter = super cool



    that’s how we eat it in mexico #11 with lime, salt, chilli powder, mayo and chesse it’s delicious😛

  • Maia

    #16 #6 I adore Tom Hardy. My heart skips a beat every time I see him. And who are all these tattoo artists who either cant spell or have someone spell it out for them if they don't know the word?

  • acloudypanda

    #10 #48 So perfect

    • Bein

      Louise – These are amazing photo’s Vee, I am so happy to filalny see some pics of you and your beautiful family, I am so happy for you and your exciting news, can’t wait to meet the new edition to the family.

  • nellie

    where is #45? i need to be there.

  • Jeska

    #58 Waaaant!

  • Hailey

    My boyfriend has hair like the child in #12 and I am just PRAYING that our kids get the gene.😀

  • k**

    Love #4. So cute.

  • foowa

    ….except for ditching all those engrish classes.

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