• Susan

    #15 Wow!! that is like nothing I have see before

  • Stephanie

    #15 reminds me of Dr. Who (the crack in Amy's bedroom wall). I think I'd be a little uneasy with /that/ fireplace in my houseđŸ˜€

    • tangeria

      that was my thought exactly!

  • http://www.switchmodern.com/ bedroom furniture

    Absolutely beautiful fireplaces design! I'm very inspired by watching all of those designs and looking forward to redecorate my old fireplace into such designs. Can you tell me how much will cost to decorate the last image design.

  • http://www.thehometouches.com/thats-it-i-need-a-fireplace-33-photos/ That’s it. I need a fireplace. (33 Photos) | The Home Touches

    […] That’s it. I need a fireplace. […]

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