• ahtri18

    #9 I celebrate Channukah, soooo… yeah. Into chiropractors and female powerlifters? (i'm not a she-man it's cool):)

  • Caity

    #9 Yes, please!

  • Christy

    #22 still awesome

  • hah

    Lose the 'tude Jim. Everybody needs a little lovin.

  • Kimmy

    Hey… me too!!!

  • Shane

    Hey Girls! Thank you! you have definitely cheered me up. I travel all over for work but I live in vancouver. Im on a plane right now to Ohio for a month. Then home. Thanks Again Chivettes are amazing:)

    • Shane

      i am #9 by the way. Shane

      • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=207300863 Ivy Miller

        Well, Chane nice to meet you. Enjoy Ohio… and I posted this earlier, but if you ever find yourself in Iowa… well you know.

        PS breaking up sucks, whether it is you doing the breaking or the one getting broken, but it pretty much always leads to something better! So here's to something better ( I lift my cyber drink for a toast).

        • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=207300863 Ivy Miller

          *Shane… crap, now I am embarrassed :)

    • Michelle

      I live in Vancouver too!😀 well actually Langley, but close enough! You're talking BC right?

  • Aly

    #9…is he kidding? who does that b**** think she is?!

  • guurrrlll

    #32 PUHLEAAASE explain! i want to do this so bad. i wonder if its on pinterest

  • ash

    #9, how kind of you to date a blind girl.

  • Michelle

    #9, pleaseee tell me you live in Canada. If not it's really great, you should come here!😉

    • Shane

      canada. Vancouver bc

  • http://freehugs-and-smiles.tumblr.com/ Yvette

    #2❤ have the Batman one😛
    #9 her lost and sucks .. sure you will find someone better😀

  • Sean

    #19 HOLY CRAP! I have clothes in the dryer! Thanks for the reminder Berry!

  • Stephy

    #9…how you doin?

    • Shane

      im good u?

  • Jeska

    #13 Cute.

  • Anonymous

    To the guys whose gf broke up with him on Christmas…I’d love to be ur chivette

  • janieliz

    #9.. You're going to have NO PROBLEM finding a new girl… you're smokin hot!

    • Shane


  • nayala

    hahahahaha to #18


    #9 Enough already. She dumped him for some reason girls. Probably doesn't wash his sack or clean up his socks or skidmarks. Holla.

  • Stephanie

    #36 love it!!

    • Stephanie

      oops I meant is this Linsay Lohan she's rockin

  • Danielle

    #9 – please tell me you live in NY:)

  • Caity

    #9 yup, I'm gonna have to boost your ego a bit more and agree with every other girl in the universe in saying that your ex-girlfriend is dumber than a bag of rocks…I know, I found a bag of rocks, showed it your picture, and it drooled a little😉

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