• tomato

    if the blonde is natural on a boy, i like it. i'm not a huge fan of the bleached out, dyed streakiness. (i'm a natural blonde myself)
    #3 blonde?

    • Charlie

      I would say he's definitely brunette, but tbh I didn't actually notice…

    • Ava

      Isn't this 'light brown/brown hair' color?? Where do you draw the line from light brown to actually being blonde?

  • Jo

    I am not that much attracted by Blond guys usually but uhhhhhhhhhh #33 & #34 ….with just a smile, I am all yours…

  • Kat

    #23 used to be my neighbour!

  • Nikhol

    I think your missing Daniel Craig in this list

  • Anonymous

    From an English nerd: Blonde is used to describe a female with blond hair. Blond is used to describe a male with blond hair. Blond is always the color, but Blonde (with an E) is only used to describe a female. This isn't meant to be condescending…I just think it's interesting (…should've said SERIOUS English nerd)!:)

    • tomato

      i did not know! thanks for the tip:)

    • http://twitter.com/MikeFarrell87 @MikeFarrell87

      Yeah, "blondes" is feminine. Wait, never mind.

  • mazzie

    MOAR of Chis Hemsworth!!!!!! please

  • VampJenn

    #15 #22 #28 oh favorites!

  • LOL

    #22 #30 Are my favorites
    So is #28, but really Berry couldn't you find a nicer picture of him?

  • melinda

    i missed neil patrick harris and garrett hedlund😦

    • Mmm_Ciao

      NPH already had a post. Look at the other Eye Candy posts and you'll find a lot of him.:)

  • Tabi

    scroll scroll scroll #25 oh hello arthur (aka james bradley) lovely seeing you here!

  • Monica

    Is the first dude, Peeta from The Hunger Games?

    • sierra marchetti

      heck! it does look like him. im not sure though. have to figure this one out. he is hot! though. wooheee!<3

  • Charlie

    #9 Stay still!!

  • nayala

    i dont think #3 zac efron is a blonde… lol

  • Maribell


    • brandy

      I was like? a blonde post plz have Bradley James zomg!

  • MsAnonymous

    oh theBerry this is why I love your website :)
    #25 #34

  • stevenfbrackett

    A post of beautiful blond men and no Clay Matthews III? How can that be? Dude looks like a Nordic god.

  • stew

    i’d like some of #12 #15 #16 please!

  • Michelle

    brb, gotta clean the drool off my keyboard

  • rocklesson86

    I am normally not attracted to blondes, but these blondes are hot especially Alexander Skarsgard, Leonardo DiCaprio,Ryan Gosling, Jude Law, Tom Felton, and David Beckham. How come Ryan Reynolds or Justin Timberlake weren't on the list. They are hot blondes too.

    • carla

      me too


    #12 OMG!!!!! WHO IS THAT??

    • lulu

      seriously WHO is this? Soo Hot!

      • D.J.

        I wish I knew. Beautiful natural blond unlike many of the others.

      • MISS_CRASH


    • claire

      It's Mario Galla – a German Model.

  • Elysia

    Where the eff is Ryan Kwanten?

  • https://www.facebook.com/darkdreamer26 Angie Harkins

    I just discovered theBerry a few months ago and I've been hopelessly addicted since then. Can I PLEASE make a suggestion? If you do blondes again, please include Hunter Parrish. Hottest blonde EVER!!!:)

  • HotMommy43


    But they are all too young!

  • NotEnoughDamon

    no joseph morgan in a “hot blondes ” post!?!?!?!IT IS A CRIME!!:)))

  • NotEnoughDamon

    there is no joseph morgan,no chris hemsworth…..but there are #6 and #8 who COULD BE MOVED THO THE KIDS SECTION :))😐 DISSAPOINTED!!!

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